Break Rules

Multi player cards

If an auto memorabilia or deemed special card has been revealed with two or more teams represented, the item will be randomed off using five times.

Exceptions to the above:

51% ownership exists for the teams represented.

Example: Four different teams are present. Goeff owns two of them, Joe owns one and Jill owns one.  In this instance, we would use five times with Goeff having his name in two times, Joe one and Jill one.

If Geoff owned three teams in this scenario he would win the item due to the 51% rule.

The Same rule applies for all multi-hit items.

College players

College players will go to the team to which they were drafted. Undrafted college or no team players depicted will be a random of everyone that has purchased a team in the current break using five times

Retired players/coaches

Retired players and coaches will go to the team depicted on the card.  If there is no team depiction on the card it will go to the team in which the player/coach has had the longest tenure.  If tenure cannot be established, the item will randomed using five times between all the teams that the player/coach has played/coached for.

Players in general will be sent with the team printed on the card (not uniform displayed). For example, Matt Forte card is opened and the card says Jets but he is in  a Bear’s uniform. The item would go to the Jets.

Honest and fair breaks every time

We care for your product through the whole process as if it were a rare diamond.   We have live feeds through the Pro Card Paydirt LLC mining area.

All of our boxes and cases are factory sealed and come only from trusted sources.

All of our breaks are live. Once the factory seals are broken on any product they will never leave the live feed.  You may watch the sorting process and product care on live feeds.