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What is a Pro Card Paydirt break?

A Pro Card Paydirt break is a live event where a Pro Card Paydirt representative will open a box / case / pack of collectible cards for those that purchased a team either through or through our eBay listings. This is an inexpensive way to get the “diamonds” and “gold” cards miners are looking for. This method of mining through paydirt is cheaper than buying cases or boxes if you are looking for “gems” of a certain player or teams.

What does a Box Break look like?

How do I know when my break is?

Before every break, a Pro Card Paydirt rep will verbally tell you the timeline of scheduled breaks. Breaks that are waiting for spots/teams to be filled will be posted on the chat and verbally announced by the breaker (a.k.a. “gold miner”) in charge.  Packs purchased through Pro Card Paydirt will be opened at the earliest opportunity and will take precedence over the next box break.

What types of breaks does Pro Card Paydirt offer?


Pro Card Paydirt Teams is an option that allows you to buy a team through or through our eBay listings.


Pro Card Paydirt Randoms is an options in which you buy a spot through and get one random team. We will randomize everyone’s names on five times to determine Pro Card Paydirt random teams.


Pro Card Paydirt packs is an options in which you buy a specific pack from If you purchase a pack from Pro Card Paydirt, you will receive all cards from the pack, including commons, base, numbered, sp, parallels, autos, and memorabilia. We track the number of hits per box on the product page. Chase them hits!

Base Cards

Only “gold strikes” will be sent out, which include all numbered, sp, parallels, rookies, autos, and memorabilia pieces.

If you would like to be mailed matching base cards, use the option at check out for a $2.99 fee.  This includes box, cases, random breaks and any other product with this options available.