Shipping and Handling


We package after every break night to ensure you get your product in a timely manner. Allow 1-3 business days for your product to arrive after your live break. Shipping is free if ordered through

Shipping through our consignment service is free if the purchaser has product coming from If the purchaser does not have product already being shipped out we will charge a flat rate fee of $1.99.

Winners through eBay will be subject to the eBay shipping fee that was agreed upon when bidding through International shipping is available. Please contact a Pro Card Paydirt rep for a quote. Allow 2-8 weeks for product to arrive.

All products will be shipped in a bubble mailer.
Cards will be penny sleeved, hard sleeved, and team bagged for protection.

Insurance – product purchase does not include insurance. If you would like insurance on a product, please contact a Pro Card Paydirt rep for a quote. Our staff takes immense pride in our handling of your fine relics, and will handle each card as if it had a value of a 10 oz. gold bar. You can watch our staff and facility from the camera feeds for proof. Pro Card Paydirt LLC is not liable for lost or damaged goods once they leave our facility.


We will always handle your items in a professional manner.  All personnel handling any Pro Card Paydirt product will be wearing gloves to eliminate oils and ensure cleanliness on your purchased product.

Some cards may not come out of the pack in 100% excellent condition, but we do our best to keep each card in the condition it came in. If a product is damaged, we will do our best to make you aware on the live feed.

Any gold strike (hit) will be penny sleeved and hard sleeved on live feed.